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Fiberizer Mobile for Android : OTDR viewer for tablets and smartphones

OTDR data viewer

Fiberizer Mobile OTDR trace viewer for Android is application designed specificially for smartphones and tablets on the Android platform.


Now you can look through and analyze your reflectograms wherever you are with your Android device.


Fiberizer Mobile for Android at the same time is client app to the Fiberizer Cloud web service - you can have access to your date wherever you are.


ANDROID-smartphone trace view ANDROID-tablet trace view ANDROID-smartphone trace information

OTDR viewer for tablet

  • mobile OTDR trace viewer app for fiber optic test and measurement engineers.
  • allows telecommunication engineers, fiber optic line installers and other technicians using OTDR results in their job to review and analyze OTDR traces.
  • is compliant with universal Telcordia GR-196 & SR-4731 *.sor format.
  • has seamless integration with Fiberizer Cloud web service for online fiber optic results management.
  • allows you to measure reflectance, optical return loss and fiber attenuation measurements with 2 or 5 markers.
  • changes its layout to tablet or smartphone mode automatically depending on the device screen size.