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Fiberizer Cloud OTDR software features

Otdr traces analysis

Core functionality of Fiberizer Cloud is support of OTDR results files - traces:

  • Telcordia GR-196 & SR-4731 *.sor files handling;
  • Quick analysis;
  • Loss, attenuation and reflection measurement;
  • 2 or 5 markers modes;
  • Simplicity of event table editing;
  • Trace parameters editing;


Once you've finished with trace analysis, filled event table and all necessary parameters you can create report. Fiberizer Cloud allows you to form PDF documents with detailed or brief reports from one or multi trace files.


Collections allows you to organize your files. One file could be included in several collections. Collections are like post tags in blogging.

Files relations handling

Working with OTDR trace you produce different resulting files like PDF reports, bidirectional reports, etc. To simplify navigating through all these files inside Fiberizer Cloud implemented feature allowing you to quick and easily discover files related to another one.

PON scheme design

With Fiberizer Cloud you can design PON schemes and generate corresponding OTDR traces for acceptance testing.