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Fiberizer Cloud FAQ

What is Fiberizer Cloud for? What can I do with it?

Fiberizer Cloud helps you efficiently organize your fiber optics measurement business all way through, from receiving the order, results maintenance and post analysis to generating a customized report on the fiber optic line for customer. Fiberizer Cloud is very useful if you are an engineer or technician working in fiber optics, if you manage a fiber optics company, or if you often subcontract such services.

What are capital investments associated with Fiberizer Cloud? What equipment do I need?

Fore small and medium businesses the investments are really minimal, because Fiberizer Cloud comes in two flavors: SaaS and Corporate Server. The latter is available here on this website, and to run it all you need to invest is less than 5 minutes of your work time needed to download the MS Silverlight plugin (see the detailed instruction how install it). As for hardware, you will most likely need the same equipment and operation system that you are already using at your PCs. The complete list of compatible operation systems and browsers can be found here at the System Requirements tab

If your business is big enough and you need the Fiberizer Cloud Corporate Server, please contact our Sales Dept.

I have a Linux-based computer. Can I use Fiberizer Cloud?

Currently Linux-based systems do not directly support the Silverlight plugin on which Fiberizer Cloud is built. However, there is an indirect way to make it work for you, with a project named Pipelight. The project allows you to run Silverlight 5.1 application on Linux browsers supporting Netscape Plugin API (Firefox, Chrome / Chromium, Midori, Opera, etc). If you care about technical details you can read it here. In a not very technical nutshell, a Silverlight application starts as a Windows process which runs officially supported Silverlight 5.1 through the patched Wine.

Can I use Fiberizer Cloud with MacOS?

Yes, the application was successfully tested on MacOS 10.5.7 and later, and we recommend Firefox 12+ or Safari 4+ browser. Roughly one out of ten Fiberizer Cloud users works from MacOS computers.

How can Fiberizer Cloud reduce my operation expenses?

Our application is a cloud-based service compatible with Windows PCs and iOS and Android devices. It means that for specialized procedures like OTDR trace analysis, trace editing, and report generation, you can engage the computation power and usability of general-purpose computers and mobile devices. Besides, you can employ BYOD policy, with proper security measures, of course. Even more, the standard Fiberizer Cloud includes the unique functionality of virtual network modelling, which can help you make additional verification of installed fiber optic lines and train your personnel.

If I am going to store my data in the cloud, what about security?

For the majority of business scenarios, cloud computing and storage is more secure than transferring your measurement data via an external data carrier, or even via email and instant messaging. With those older methods, files tend to get lost with a USB flash stick forgotten in a car, or get intercepted because of a non-secured ICQ transfer used in a hurry. Fiberizer Cloud utilises the HTTPS protocol, an international standard for secure communication, and files are transferred within the closed system, so you are well-protected from the majority of threats related to negligence or intentional hacking.