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OTDR viewer for MAC

I am writing this blog post from MacBook. Usually I am using Apple PCs (running under MAC OSX / Leopard) and Apple iOS mobile devices for all non-business task. For our industry (fiber optics installation and maintenance) many OTDR vendors still can not provide software running under Mac OS.

But today I have great news for our Mac users. From this moment you can start working with OTDR traces from your Mac with fully functional online software.

After Fiberizer Mobile for iPhone and iPad was offered, Apple fans got a chance to use favourite devices for specific business application. That was really first OTDR trace viewer in the world working on iOS gadgets.

I know that this mobile application still hasn't many features, but in the next updates we would try to make the application do:
  • analyse standard OTDR traces
  • observe events table
  • edit sor files and generate reports

The time passed, and now Fiberizer suggest you new and absolutely another product - Fiberizer Cloud. This is fully-functional OTDR trace viewer working in your browser. You can use Chrome browser for Mac and despite some limitations (in compare with Windows users) Fiberizer cloud will do its job with great success (I also tried to work in Safari and everything seems to work the same). This is how you could see the main working area:
OTDR Viewer for MAC

The most progressive thing in this system is the word "Cloud". Before that fiber optic engineers haven't opportunity to store, view and edit *.sor files in online storage systems like Google Drive (they don't support them). Now the situation has changed significantly. You can do everything you need with OTDR traces on any computer on any OS (even on Mac OS) if only you have good Internet connection :), and this is very convenient.

Moreover you can not just view OTDR traces but also work with events, create new ones and edit existing:
OTDR trace

Fiberizer Cloud also support PDF and CSV reports for one or multiple traces. You can generate and store them in service:
OTDR trace report

I hope you'll like how the Fiberizer Cloud made. The design is modern and user-friendly. You can easily understand its logic and will be able to find all the necessary stuff.

Fiberizer Cloud suggests to use Collections to organize traces. This is almost like Google mail, both using tags. So you can add as many tags for your trace as you wish. Yep! That's right, no more silly folders:
Fiberizer Cloud Collections

There are still some work to do. For example 3D Accelerating (DirectX feature for Windows PC) not supported on Macs so you will see little vertical line that cut OTDR trace noise during the trace viewing. Hope is not a big disadvantage, and we'll do our best to fix it too:

cut OTDR trace noise

I should say, that our developers did a great job - we are trying to make available the possibility to work easily on any PC, tablet or palm platform. This is great, when you don't need to choose your preferred OS because it hasn't got the necessary application.

I think the area of optical communications will got a good push to become more modern and think better about today users needs.