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Our cloud OTDR trace viewer helps you analyze OTDR traces even better.

A new updated version of the Fiberizer Cloud online service has finally been released. It took longer than usual, because this version is packed with new features to analyze OTDR traces, and other possibilities.


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Thanks to feedback from our customers, we could significantly improve the overall process of analyzing OTDR traces, making it faster, more accurate, and more valid. Just have a look at the impressive list below:


  1. Now you can enter parameters of your real OTDRs into the repository of our cloud OTDR trace viewer, or you can create virtual OTDRs for analyzing your traces, with OTDR parameters like dynamic range, dead zone, serial number, etc. That is the way many of our customers keep track of their available OTDRs and try new ones. With this feature you can also run efficient simulated testing of virtual networks (see the next item).
  2. More versatile networks can be created in the cloud, with a library of parameters to choose, for various fibers and connectors available to simulate online analysis. You can instantly apply parameters of single-mode and multimode optical fibers from Corning Inc., as well as characteristics of different fiber connector types (APC and UPC). The data are already in the cloud repository for you, so you can save time entering them. But if you need to correct the fiber network parameters manually, you can still do it.
  3. You can see the OTDR trace overview in the new Summary tab, which shows the total loss, the total distance, and the specified section parameters for your optical fiber.
  4. Improved analysis of fiber sections with 2 or more close events. Feedback from our customers shows that there may be cases when 2 or more events get too close for the usual 5PT mode to be efficient, because here the loss measurement error gets too high. For such cases Fiberizer Cloud now has a new 3PT mode with no approximation, which produces significantly better results.
  5. The improved Reporting feature gives you more opportunities to view and analyze your OTDR traces, and include the results in official documents. Following our customers’ feedback, we completely redesigned our OTDR trace viewer template system for reporting. Now you can create an MS Excel template for your specific needs and then upload it to your Fiberizer Cloud account. Then you just select the files to be included in your report, and choose the necessary template. The data from the files selected are applied to the template, and our cloud OTDR trace viewer generates a report for you.
  6. Fiberizer Cloud expands your equipment compatibility, and sometimes even makes it up for slips of others. If you work long enough in OTDR trace analysis, you know that more often than not the .sor format has variations not compatible with some software. Our cloud OTDR trace viewer is one of the most compatible application on the market. Besides, recently one major OTDR producer, released a buggy software application which actually saved traces in its own proprietary format inaccessible to other equipment, while keeping the .sor extension. If you try to analyze such a file, our OTDR trace viewer warns you about it, so you know why you have a problem.

Add value to your OTDR and try Fiberizer Cloud right now, no registration needed:


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Please help us to help you. Tell us how we can improve the library and the cloud OTDR trace viewer in general, your feedback is greatly appreciated.